Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust (TEST) for GHANA is a Ghanaian Charitable Trust registered in 2008 (number G-23266).

TEST for GHANA was formed by a group of graduates from Linacre College, Oxford University and is a constituent member of the UK Charity, TEST for AFRICA's family.

Its aim is to aid the social and economic development of Ghana by enabling bright but needy students to receive undergraduate education at Ghanaian public Universities and Polytechnics against their personal pledge to work for the benefit of their communities and their nation upon graduation.

The fundamental philosophy behind the formation of TEST for GHANA is the belief that one of the causes of poverty in developing countries is a lack of education. By enabling bright, yet financially challenged Ghanaians the opportunity to undertake local tertiary education through a programme of means tested scholarships in exchange for a personal bond requiring them to remain within Ghana, graduates are expected to make significant contributions to the social and economic development within their communities and their country.

Having commenced in Ghana, TEST for AFRICA is continuing to establish a network of local charities in those African countries which have a record of democracy and stability. Our charities in Africa are organised and managed by local residents, the majority of whom have received postgraduate education at the University of Oxford (Linacre College).

TEST for GHANA provides both full and partial scholarships for undergraduate study in a wide spectrum of academic and practical subjects which in the opinion of the local Trustees are best oriented towards the social and economic development needs of their countries and their communities. Awards are biased towards females (60:40) from the poorest regions of the countries, for University education (60:40) where appropriate, and are also available to handicapped students. Scholarships are offered to both new and to continuing students, and are reviewed annually against both need and academic performance.Scholarships are also not automatically renewed as each year students need to resubmit a renewal form which will be used for a reassessment, trustees can decide to discontinue an award if they are not satisfied with the conduct or academic performance of a beneficiary. An award can also be withdrawn if there is reason to believe that the financial circumstance has either changed for the better or was entirely falsified in the first instance. When this happens the student would need to make a refund or serve out the full bond as stipulated in the application form without recourse to any further funding from TEST for Ghana. Those scholars graduating with First Class Honours degrees are invited to apply for the Norman & Ivy Lloyd Scholarship at Linacre College, Oxford University which provides full funding for one year's Master's degree studies in a subject of their choice.

All Trustees of both TEST for GHANA and TEST for AFRICA, as well as the Ghanaian Universities and Polytechnics provide their services pro-bono, and consequently TEST Trustees guarantee that 100% of all donations received are disbursed for the education of the scholars. Moreover, each member of the TEST family is required to be transparent and publishes Annual Reports which are available on their web-sites.

TEST for GHANA is currently organising both a job counselling programme and the formation of an alumni association.

Since inception in 2008, TEST for GHANA has made in excess of 400 scholarships awards.

Currently the majority of the funding for TEST for GHANA emanates from TEST for AFRICA, but the ultimate aim of TEST for GHANA is to become self-sustainable.


January 2017

Application forms, renewal forms and guidance notes are now available.

May 2016

TEST for Ghana is proud to announce the appointment of new auditors- BNA Chartered Accountants. They have kindly agreed to provide their services in exchange for the creation offered two new named scholarhips:

- BNA Chartered Accountants Accounting Scholar Award

- BNA Chartered Accountants Excellent Business Studies Award

You will find more information about BNA Chartered Accountants on their website .

February 2016

A video interview with Dr Leander Kandilige is now available, as well as a radio interview with Dr Kandilige and Wisdom Eli Akatu. Also available, is the latest Newsletter.

January 2016

Application forms, renewal forms and guidance notes for 2016/17 are now available.

November 2015

TEST for AFRICA Trustees are proud to announce expansion of TEST activities into Tanzania. TEST for TANZANIA will provide partial and fully funded scholarships to both new and continuing students for tertiary education at Tanzania's public universities. Awards will be based on need and long term commitment for social and economic development of Tanzania. It is intended that the first awards will be made for the 2016/2017 academic year.

August 2015

A very kind article about TEST appeared in the latest edition of Oxford Thinking, a brochure widely circulated as part of the University's Capital Campaign.

April 2015

Interviews with Mrs Kokui Adu and Dr Leander Kandilige: University of Cape Coast and University of Ghana .

February 2015

Newsletter- our first newsletter is available here!

January 2015

Application forms, renewal forms and guidance notes are now available.

January 2015

TEST for GHANA/TEST for AFRICA are delighted to announce two fully funded Scholarships will be awarded from 2015 onwards at KNUST for undergraduate studies in both Land Economy and Real Estate. These will be made financed thanks to the generosity of two alumni of KNUST, Abdul-Razak Saeed and Dansoaa Siaw-Misa. Saeed is a Trustee of both TEST for AFRICA and TEST for GHANA, and Dansoaa is a Collateral Management Analyst at Ghana Home Loans Ltd..The Scholarships will be known as Misa & Lardie Scholarship Fund. The fund is the first step towards their joint dream of sponsorship and mentoring students in the pursuit of academic and professional excellence.

March 2014

Application forms, renewal forms and guidance notes are now available.

August 2013

The TEST for Ghana Annual Report, is available here.

March 2013

Application forms, renewal forms and guidance notes are now available.

July 2012

TEST for AFRICA is sad to announce the death of its Chairman, Jennie Travers after a long struggle with illness. Jennie was a Co-Founder of TEST and has been Chairman since its inception. Her enthusiasm, generosity and integrity will be greatly missed. Deepest sympathy is extended to her children, David, Robert and Joanna and her grandchildren, Zoe, Alexander, Jana and Abigail.

TEST for AFRICA and TEST for GHANA are pleased to announce the launch of the Kelly Fisher Scholarship in Engineering/Science to be preferentially awarded to a student from the Upper West Region of Ghana. This award is facilitated thanks to the generosity of Kelly Fisher from London, who during her VSO service taught at Kanton Secondary School, Tumu in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

January 2012

Application forms, renewal forms and guidance notes are now available.

May 2011

The TEST for Ghana Annual Report, published in April 2011, is available here.

April 2011

Application forms, renewal forms and guidance notes are now available.

May 2010

The first TEST for Ghana Annual Report, published in April 2010, is available here.

March 2010

Application forms, renewal forms and guidance notes are now available.

November 2009

Following the appointment of Dr Nick Brown as a Trustee, TEST for AFRICA, Oxford University and Linacre College announce that in future, the Norman & Ivy Lloyd Scholarship will be preferentially granted to one of the top graduates from either TEST for AFRICA programmes in Ghana and Malawi. The intent behind this change in philosophy is to establish a competitive environment and ethic amongst the undergraduate cadre of TEST for GHANA and TEST for MALAWI Scholars to encourage maximisation of their performance and to achieve top degrees in order to qualify and obtain admission to Oxford University for postgraduate study, in the knowledge that they will have full financial support. Moreover, this change represents a significant milestone in bringing our partners' mutual interests closer together.